Hello Surbo!

With technology, there’s been a significant rise in convenience for businesses and consumers to connect and communicate with each other. However, technology has still not changed how people wish to feel during a conversation.

Surbo Commerce

Conversational Commerce is an exciting new model of buying that sits at the sweet spot between offline and online retail, offering consumers the best of both worlds without the corresponding friction that can be found in either environment.

Surbo Support

Let your customers start interacting with a bot to begin with. ML-trained chatbot helps in answering 80%of the queries. Automatic transfer for rest 20% unresolved queries to live agent without disrupting the chat flow.

Surbo Marketing

Conversational Marketing to help you handhold consumers and convert passive visitors of your platforms into interested ones.

Across Platforms

Surbo can be integrated in your Website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, WeChat, Line, Telegram, MS Teams, Skype, Slack, SMS, Email, Mobile Apps and more.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) modules to understand user’s intent and create training modules for Surbo
  • Multiple response types and validations to execute business cases with predictive algorithms to understand chats
  • Image processing / OCR to recognize and extract relevant values to form documentations
  • UCA for analysing the consumer’s chat history and show corresponding keyword polarity

Easy Integrations

  • Single platform to connect with consumers on all OTT channels
  • Integrated automation to configure as per business needs
  • Integrated intelligence with Surbo platform for process automation
  • Integrated Surbo ACE (Live Agent Tool) platform

Power-Packed Platform

Clients love Surbo

"Customer response rate has crossed the double digit mark for the first time after the introduction of Surbo".

Prashanth Awasthi
JIVA Ayurveda