Feature rich to suit every business requirement!

surbo features


  • NLP

    Natural Language Processing

    Using our Natural Language Processing engine, understand and send pre-defined answers to users in human language.

  • Conversational UI

    Conversation UI

    An interactive user interface to capture your audience and engage with them like never before.

  • Multi-Lingual Support

    Multi-lingual Support

    Choose from a range of languages available on the Multi-lingual support as per your audience.

  • Real Time Analytics

    Real Time Analytics

    Tap into useful insights and performance reports with real time analytics that are just a click away!

  • Interactive Content

    Interactive Content Types

    Choose from multiple content types available on the platform. Add/edit content and call to actions on the go.

  • Keyword Extractor

    Keyword Extractor

    Map keywords that users would relate to for a particular intent and trigger actions seamlessly.

  • validation

    Validation and Logics

    Capture user attention with a time out logic. Smart response validations to execute user intents.

  • API integration

    Smart API Integration

    Use post and get APIs to interact across CRMs, Ticketing systems, HRMs or any other database management systems.

  • Branching


    Branching logic that helps your brand drive conversations as per the user’s decision.

  • Omnipresent icon


    Mark your presence on website, search and social with Surbo. Be available to users where they need.

  • Runtime Database

    Runtime Database

    A quick and smart logic that enables search within a limited data set. Use it to map and capture user intents.

  • Integrations


    Enjoy engaging with the target audience on every platform, with our integrations you plug-in chatbots everywhere.