Why BannerBots are becoming an Incredible modern day Marketing Tool!


Static banner ads are today things of the past, customer neither wants to indulge in one-way conversation nor want their webpages to be flooded with static ads all over. According to a Gartner report, 85% of the consumer interactions will be conversational in nature but not with humans. This report offers several implications for marketers as to how to develop communication strategies and leverage AI capabilities to involve customers with brands.

Changing the world of banner Ads are the BannerBots i.e. conversational bots which offer a two-way communication experience that is underpinned by advanced A.I.-driven customer service. These AI-powered chatbots have offered a new generation advertising platform that acts as “pull media” for the consumers, thus providing them contextually relevant information on-demand.

• 63% of consumers believe that a business should be available via conversational touchpoints (Ubisend)
• 84% of messages sent through conversational interfaces are read by its user (BabyCentre)

According to sources available it is clear that conversation with customers has to be two way, human beings crave for conversation rather than a generic response. Leveraging new technology to address this insight can prove to be a powerful way to evolve and enhance the consumer experience. Using technology to help provide users information that they are, or might be, looking for starts to elevate this experience.

Conversational banner ads hold a repository of questions, and when integrating A.I. (via chatbots), can be trained on how to best respond in the most effective way for the consumer and for your brand – be it in a push message or written responses.
Embedding chatbots within digital ads evolve engagement from traditional intent-based advertising to direct interactivity between consumers and brands. Personalization heightens relevance and helps ensure the right choices.

Advertise with banners that can talk

With BannerBot, you can start engaging conversations anywhere online with the listed benefits:
• Reach out to your target audience wherever they are in the online world.
• Combine the reach of banners ads with the engagement of a personalized conversation.
• Convert leads who haven’t even visited your website – right within the ads.
• Distribute your ads across any HTML5-compatible ad network (Google Ads, Adform, AppNexus, etc.).
• Create effective retargeting campaigns – only imagination limits what you can do with BannerBots.
• Enhance user-experience with intuitive one to one chat user interface
• Increase user engagement with AI-powered conversational Ads.

To wrap up, studies suggest that the attention span of the customer has almost becoming negligible, and entering the consideration set of customers has become a great challenge, businesses are constantly looking for something new, something personalized to lure the customers to their brand. Bannerbots can help the brands to have personalized and targeted communication with the customers thus increasing the engagement and also offering something new to the consumer rather than static ads that flood their webpages. These AI-powered bannerbots can also help the businesses to have greater insights into consumer behavior which can further facilitate personalized communication and increase the opportunity for repeat business. Bannerbots are things of today and every business should use this opportunity to give a new feel to their marketing communication strategy.