How to gather WhatsApp Business Opt-Ins


Today, customers expect brands to be available on their favorite communication channels, like WhatsApp & stay reachable at all times. In fact, 68% of customers think that messaging is the most convenient way to contact a business.

What is WhatsApp Opt-in?

A WhatsApp Opt-in is a permission that businesses require before sending proactive notifications to customers. Once a customer accepts to receive messages from a brand, they can directly get connected with them anytime.


Businesses must follow the below requirements when obtaining opt-in:

  • Businesses must clearly state that a person is opting in to receive messages from the business over WhatsApp
  • Businesses must clearly state the business’ name that a person is opting in to receive messages from
  • Businesses must comply with applicable law

How to gather Opt-Ins for WhatsApp Business

1. When customers reach out to you, they’re more likely to Opt-in

Ask for opt-in when your customers reach out to you first. Clearly communicate the value of receiving important updates on WhatsApp & once they agree, send them a message outlining the type of notifications they can expect to receive and asking them to confirm their opt-in.
Best Practices: Don’t send notifications too frequently, it vanishes the influence & won’t solve the purpose when required

2. Create Landing Pages or use Website

Websites are a great marketing resource & can help you get your job done. Create an intuitive landing page wherein customers can come & check out the advantages of connecting with your brand. Customers give their consent by providing their phone number on the landing page. Then, to confirm successful opt-in, re-direct them to a ˝Thank You˝ page
Best Practices: Create an engaging customer journey to reduce bounce rates

3. Use multiple channels to Promote

Use third-party digital platforms to open the door to communication. Platforms like SMS, Voice, or ATM notifications can quickly grab the attention & effectively increase the chances of getting immediate responses.
Best Practices: Offer a simple, one-click opt-in option over SMS, so your customer gives their immediate consent to use WhatsApp as a channel for future notifications.

4. Leverage existing processes to establish the reach

Customers are more likely to opt-in during an ongoing process, for example, while making a purchase. You can create a pop in or add a section of whatsaap opt-in elaborating about how its gonna benefit them.
Best Practices: Include a checkbox at various touchpoints where the customer would enter their phone number

5. Include in Customer Contact Forms

You can include it in the customer contact forms wherein there are sections of preferable communication platforms & customers choose from a plethora of options. Having WhatsApp as a part of your contact options can increase your sign-up conversion rate, since it’s the preferred channel for many consumers and may influence their decision to engage with you.
Best Practices: To enable the existing customers to opt-in, update the contact preference section & notify them via email or notifications.

How to Increase your customer opt-in rate

You know your customers would love the helpful information you’ll provide over WhatsApp. They just need to be given the option to do so. Here’re some great ways to help them opt-in to receive messages from you over WhatsApp:

  • Clearly communicate the value of receiving important updates on WhatsApp.
  • Be explicit about what types of messages a customer is opting-in to.
  • Avoid messaging customers too frequently to mitigate the perception of spam.
  • Provide instructions for how people can opt-out of receiving messages from your business.
  • Honor customer requests to mitigate the risk of customers blocking or reporting your business.
  • Monitor your quality rating to evaluate new opt-in processes

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