Conversational UI


The era of conversational UI has arrived and it’s here to stay. Just because there is an app for a brand does not mean people will necessarily want to use it. If given the option of engaging with a brand using a chat-interface, people are more likely to choose that given its interactive nature & ease of use. There are multiple reasons because of which conversation UI is fast becoming the way consumers interact with businesses.

– There has been an exponential rise in the use of mobile devices in last several years. These devices have small screens and it’s difficult to experience a full website on them even if it is mobile-optimized. Chat interface is much more convenient.

– Consumers today are spending more time on messaging apps than social media platforms. Messaging apps have become the hub for all conversations that people engage in whether it’s interacting with businesses or with people.

– Technologies like Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning have made great advances and are sophisticated enough now to allow creation of effective virtual assistants or chatbots.

– Net Promoter Score (NPS). In this a question is asked to the user and he/she is presented with the option of replying with a number between 0-10. It is a simple but effective way to get opinion from the user.

– Customer Effort Score (CES) – This type of question allows you to measure customer satisfaction or other aspects with one single question. A question is asked and the user is presented with 7 different answers. Very powerful way of capturing the sentiment of the user.

-Surbo is the right choice for businesses looking to capitalize on the latest trend of conversation interfaces. With robust product architecture, support for multiple response types, validations & cutting edge AI capabilities, Surbo is a force to reckon with.