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Discovery, booking, complaint management all on chat!

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Hospitality Bot

Most of the hotel aggregators across the globe have built beautiful interfaces (not so beautiful in some cases) to present to their consumers, but these interfaces only facilitate the discovery and booking part of the business and leave the consumers in a tiff when it comes to other facets. This would mean that a customer would typically have to call up customer support and have his queries resolved. This not only makes it troublesome for the consumer but also for the brand since they have the added overheads of maintaining a team for responding to consumer queries.

Imagine if all these activities were to be covered by a single chat interface.

Hospitality Chatbot

What all can bots do for hotels?


A user can discover rooms, offers, compare rooms, view packages, and make payment upon deciding by chatting with the bot.


Post the stay, the user can give a feedback to the hotel in a chat that is triggered by the hotel.


All the alerts about offers and discounts can be triggered to the consumer via a chat.


All first level customer service queries can be cleared in the chat itself and for further queries a ticket can be raised or a call back can be requested.



Extend the warmth to digital efforts Bookings Discover, select and book. Feedback Collect feedback from an interactive interface Notifications Don’t just notify, invoke a call to action FAQs All first level customer support queries can now be answered through chat.