Consumer insights with bots


A seamless experience that a consumer has, establishes a name in era where consumer life-cycle experience management is the key to be“The Brand”

Give it a thought here!

What is it?

What is it that separates the experience of a Brand A from any other brand?

I mean, what separates the Fiat from a Ferrari?

Here is a thought, a brand ‘A’ got rated as the worst automaker of 2016 according to Consumer Reports in an American Journal. This is obviously one jewel that A would not want in its crown.

The point I am zeroing in on here is, consumer opinion!!

This consumer opinion is formed pretty much at every point where the consumer interacts with a brand. When a consumer is searching about a brand on the internet, when he/she visits the store, when he she consumers a service or probably when he/she choses not to consume a product/service. Hence it is called the consumer life cycle and if a brand can manage it right, it’s pretty much set to rule its ranks.

It is cardinally important for a brand to speak to its consumers to understand their opinion. Unfortunately though, even in the 21st century A.D, to understand consumer opinion most brands have been using the pre-historic survey forms which the consumers are “oh so excited!” to fill.

The current technology has not seen a shift since times immemorial. It results not only in not capturing the true nature of the information but at best generates 0 interest in the mind of the consumer.

In order to beat the monotony of forms and at the same time make the consumers feel that a brand truly cares about their opinion, there is a need to leverage a platform that consumers already exist on i.e. chat conversation!

That’s correct!

To be able to have conversation with a huge consumer base without actually having the manpower to do so is now possible.

SurBo, a rule based chatbot helps solve this problem. Using the SurBo platform, brands can conversationalize their feedback collection experience.

Data shows that the top 4 chatting applications on the internet have had more engagement than the once, most coveted, social networks. The simple understanding is that people love to chat!

So why not leverage this love and try to understand what they feel?

This would help understand flaws to the minutest of details, enhance a brand’s image as that of a caring one and help a brand improve its products and services.

So next time a brand has a few 100,000 people bad mouthing about it, it can actually find out what went wrong!

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