The Surbo Universe

  • New Year Resolution:Bot-ify your business!

    Bots are aliens that are going to take over your business! The above sentence may reflect the sentiments of the Steven spielberg's ‘War Of The Worlds’,

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  • 5 wacky things you can do with a chatbot!

    The world of Bots is expanding every second. It’s like part of Iron Man’s ‘Jarvis’ keeps coming alive somewhere across the internet!!

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  • Speak_to_your_consumers!

    A seamless experience that a consumer has, establishes a name in era where consumer life-cycle experience management is the key to be“The Brand”

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  • Join the Bot’s club!

    So now that you have made that the most kick-ass Bot in tinsel town (read internet), you want to put it in-front of the audience it deserves and the audience it has been created for.

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  • 2017: The year of Chatbots?

    The year 2016 saw the birth of thousands of new chatbots engaging with users on a variety of platforms. These chatbots helped users perform various tasks ranging from booking...

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